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Digital Transformation:
The Key to Building an Agile Insurer

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This webinar will cover the digital transformation underway in insurance. Over half of all insurers have broad-based digital strategies according to SMA research. In the past, digital initiatives tended to be focused on individual departments or for specific projects. Today there is a compelling need for a comprehensive strategy to become more digital across the enterprise.

The need for speed to compete in the market requires insurers to create an agile company, capable of responding to market opportunities and changes. This means that technology solutions must be developed, deployed, and revised more rapidly to support business strategies.


Mark Breading

Strategy Meets Action

About the Speakers

Mark Breading, a Partner at SMA, is a recognized expert in advanced technologies and their implications for the insurance industry. His specialty areas include the customer experience and analytics. He has exceptional knowledge and experience in many dimensions of the customer/producer experience, including omni-channel, customer communications, mobile technologies, CRM, digital content management, and contact centers. He has broad experience and insights in business intelligence, advanced analytics, and big data.