Sticky Element


This is a block component and it consists of two columns, where the user can determine the width of both and the sticky column will be fixed to the top when scrolling through the other column. 

The user can add an offset value that is the distance between the top of the page and the fixed content, change the background color and place any component in both columns.

Under 768px both columns will become normal columns.


Sticky Kit




How to Implement

Inside one of the columns place the sticky element (.sticky-column) that can contain other components inside. The other column can have other components as well.

If the components are added in the fixed column but after the sticky-column div the sticky div will be placed over the other content when becoming fixed to the screen.

The div with the grid classes (col-*) must be the direct parent of the sticky element div (sticky-column). If there is a div between the two, the sticky element will be fixed to that div and it’s height and not to the column that has the same height as the other side.

In screens under 768px the sticky effect is removed, the user should add a col-12 to the columns so the content will be placed as a continuous text.

The user can add an offset, this will be the distance between the top of the page and this element when it is fixed.

In case the user doesn’t add an offset or adds the value 0 (zero) don’t print the sticky-offset attribute in the element. The value (numeric value) of the offset attribute will be converted to px.


Tasks Front End


Tasks Back End

DMW-197 DMW-1083

Tasks details


Views Path

...\ src\ Feature\ PageStructure\ code\ Views\ Sticky\ StickyElement.cshtml

Component Variations


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How to use
  1. Go to the Content Editor
  2. Go to the Experience Editor and insert a Sticky Element Component into the page.
  3. Add inside each placeholder the desired content.
  4. Save and publish.
  5. Navigate to the page where you added the Sticky component and scroll down.
  6. Scroll down, the left column must stop scrolling while the right column continues to scroll.

Undeveloped Options

Example page

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