Tab Collapse


This component allows the user to split the content into tabs and navigate by clicking on the tab title.
This is a block element and in the component options the user can select a background color.
Below 992px content will be displayed in collapsible elements.




How to Implement

This component begins in the div tab-collapse and in each tab the user can determine a title and content.

Other components can be used in the content area.

For each entry:

  • Add a li (nav-item) and in the button place a unique ID.  In the button attributes data-target and aria-controls put the ID of the corresponding tab-pane.  If it is the first tab, equal the attribute aria-selected to true, otherwise false;
  • In the tab-content place a unique ID;
  • For the corresponding tab-pane:
    • In the tab-pane attribute aria-labelledby put the ID of the respective nav-link and if it is the first tab put the classes active and show, otherwise do not print them;
    • In the card-header put a unique ID and in its child attributes data-target and aria-controls put the ID of the next div with the class collapse;
    • In the div with the collapse class put on its attribute aria-labelledby the ID of the sibling card-header and in the data-parent the ID of the parent tab-content.

To add a background color to the component place the existing style guide classes in the tab-collapse div

Tasks Front End

DMW-354 DMW-584

Tasks Back End

DMW-372 DMW-586 DMW-587 DMW-1082

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How to use

1- Go to the Content Editor

2- Go to the folder “New Tab Section“, in /sitecore/content/Outsystems/Website/Data/New Tab Section

3- Insert a new tab section branch datasource. (A base structure will be created with 3 initial tabs)

4- Fill in the generated data with the expected information

5- Go to the Experience Editor and insert a New Tab Section Component in the grid.

     NOTE: to change tabs in experience editor, it’s necessary to use CTRL + mouse click at desired tab. (only for experience editor)

6- Select the datasource to render.

7- Customize and test.

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