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Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation

The struggle is real.
What can you do about it?

The Low-Code Journey
From App to Digital Transformation

The journey to achieving digital transformation may take time. Yet even the longest journey begins with a single step.


The Low-Code Journey - From App to Digital Transformation

The journey to achieving digital transformation may take time. Yet even the longest journey begins with a single step. In the case of a low-code digital factory deployment, the journey typically begins with one or two apps, with increasing numbers of applications soon following behind.

From One App...

Sometimes it starts with a proof-of-concept intended to try out the platform and get the development team up to speed. In other cases, a line-of-business (LoB) executive is the low-code champion, and as a result, the first app addresses a departmental need.

… to Multiple Apps

Given the speed, cost and quality benefits of low-code application development it doesn’t take long before organizations move beyond the single-app phase and begin to roll out multiple applications. Early quick wins lead to broader acceptance. Ongoing successes typically lead to a clamor of demand, as individuals across the enterprise hear of the newly deployed apps.

The Ongoing Digital Journey

Enterprises must effect end-to-end change to meet changing customer demands. Low-code platforms like OutSystems are important enablers of such end-to-end transformation. It supports rapid iterations of customer-facing apps, while simultaneously supporting the even more challenging transformation of existing IT – not just the technology, but the processes and roles people play as well.


Deloitte Leverages the Power of AI and Machine Learning

Facing tough regulations, Deloitte’s insurance industry client needed a way to manage risk associated with customer interaction. Andy Whitton shares how OutSystems helped Deloitte deliver a machine-learning and AI solution that takes the guesswork out of risk management.

Introducing the
Low-Code Digital Factory

The Road to Success

How to Launch a Low-Code
Digital Factory


“It’s crucial for the success of this company to live for another 400 years.”

Leo Brand, CIO, Vopak


“In this day and age, it's not the big versus the small, it's the fast beating the slow.”

Renvi Martinez, President | ICT Division, Transnational Diversified Group


“We’ve changed the way the business looks at IT. We’ve created a bridge between them.”

Nuno Borges, Head of Delivery, SONAE


Leading Digital Transformation
The Webinar Series

Learn from the pros and join your peers from around the world as we go deep in this webinar series focused on digital transformation, courageous leadership, and success.

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“In this age of disruption, IT has to be poised for innovation, and devote everything it can to creating value for customers.” 

– Brian Roche , VP of Products, Cognizant

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"By combining Atos services and OutSystems, we have effectively enhanced our digital transformation factory - redefining speed in application development and providing fast, agile and integrated solutions for our customers."

– Laura Van Hemelryck, Atos Business Development Manager, Benelux and the Nordics



“By building our own low-code digital factory with OutSystems, we're meeting the complex needs of enterprise clients and delivering what they care about: end-to-end software solutions.”

– Prasanna Selvaraj, Customer Experience Architect, Tech Mahindra



“The needs of the business have to come first. It’s our responsibility to embrace the technologies that allow us to meet those needs at an unprecedented but sustainable pace.”

– Vineet Arora, CTO, WinWire


Top 5 Ways to Accelerate Digital Transformation

#1 - Customer Journey Maps: They’re visual representations of each customer's relationship with you, as an organization, brand, product, and service.

These journeys are mapped over time and across channels. They provide a detailed understanding of your target audience and envision the customer experience as a whole.


#2 - Creating Clickable Prototypes: Everyone involved in a digital journey has their own preconceived ideas of the what, how, and where your project should be going.

They talk, share suggestions and ideas, but in the end, they’re just abstract concepts—and one cannot sell abstract ideas easily. That's why clickable prototypes are so special.


#3 - Building Multi-Disciplinary Teams: Though each organization has its own unique structure, there are common functions involved in the delivery of software that can be broken down into several different areas of expertise.

It’s the work of all of these teams that will lead to the success or failure of your project.


#4 - Organizing a Hackathon: Coding marathons are a great way to speed up innovation. Just imagine it this way: you gather the people that know your business the best—IT leaders, managers—with people with skills to bring ideas to life—developers.

Can you picture a better environment to brainstorm?


#5 - Getting Your Digital Transformation Playbook: If you really want to innovate, we wrote a guide to help your business scale and embrace an innovation mindset.

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