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What are Educational Institutions?

Educational Institutions include universities, code schools, higher education online platforms and professional schools.

How Many Educational Institutions are Part of the OutSystems Education Program?


educational institutions


have signed protocols, of which 44 are universities, 5 are code schools and 2 are professional schools


have OutSystems workshops

What's in it for Educational Institutions?

  • Empower your students to develop software much faster with the OutSystems platform, and increase their career opportunities.
  • Take advantage of a free education license, with access to training materials and certifications that will allow your students to be on the front row as soon as they start looking for a job.
  • Enhance your academic curriculum by adding OutSystems onto it.

Career Opportunities for OutSystems Developers


Testimonials from Teachers

”Adding OutSystems to our curriculum was part of a strategy to help students broaden their IT knowledge and after evaluating some tools we came across OutSystems education program and did not hesitate to adopt it.”

Emilio Garcia-Rosello Deputy director of the Business School at University of Vigo

”We did an eight hours workshop to +90 students in OutSystems and the results were so good we decided to adopt the education license. The team’s support was beyond words and students really enjoyed developing their applications!”

Fatiha Ait Ali Professor at InHolland College of Applied Sciences

”We have been teaching OutSystems to our students since 2016 with great results and the education license has allowed us to increase the number of students who learn the technology every year.”

Sikke Visser Professor at Windesheim University

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