Kevin Behr Discusses Innovation without Disruption

Learn how PaaS can empower your enterprise to innovate and optimize without impeding DevOps.

In IT, the age-old trade-off between innovation and disruption is not as established as it once was. Innovation no longer has to necessitate development downtime or disruption to operations.

How can you keep your organization’s DevOps flow on the cutting edge while maintaining continuity of operations and core business activities?  High performers in the application development space know the answer: platform as a service (PaaS).

Kevin Behr


With PaaS the complete solution stack is provided in the cloud as a service, allowing your team to bypass many of the interruptive pitfalls commonly associated with traditional development.

Kevin Behr, Co-Author of The Phoenix Project and Visable Ops, discusses PaaS and how it can take your DevOps processes to the next level in his article,  “Innovation Without Disruption.” 

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