Does OutSystems have a certification program?

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Yes. OutSystems has a program that certifies both knowledge and real-world project experience. With the experience gathered from hundreds of successful OutSystems projects, we have built a unique certification program with two tracks: one for developers and one for support engineers. Certifications are good for two years and recertification is also available.

Developer certification

There are three levels of OutSystems certification for developers. Each involves mastering OutSystems technology along with modern software engineering practices for developing and designing enterprise-grade mobile and web applications. Therefore, candidates need to demonstrate real-world project experience and pass a certification exam. The levels, descriptions, prerequisites and certification requirements are shown in this table:


Associate Developer

$200 US

Professional Developer

$300 US


$400 US


Develops simple web applications. Fairly autonomous in addressing most development issues. Able to bridge experience with other development environments and languages. Should be supervised by a Professional Developer.

Develops enterprise grade applications. Has experience with architecture, advanced user interface patterns, business process technology. Able to coach Associate Developers.

Experienced developer, with capacity to design and architect quality solutions autonomously. Is able to resolve all platform related technical issues. May occasionally manage the delivery team. Able to coach Associate and Professional Developers.


Completing the online developer course and some practice


6 months of experience as Associate Developer

12+ months experience as Professional Developer


Pay the certification fee and pass the Associate Developer certification exam with a score of at least 70%

Provide evidence of work experience (6 months of full time project experience as an Associate Developer)

Pay the certification fee and pass the Professional Developer certification exam with a score of at least 70%

Provide evidence of work experience (12 months of full-time project experience as Professional Developer)

Pay the certification fee and pass the Expert Developer certification exam with a score of at least 70%

All exams in the developer track focus on practical questions and scenarios to validate knowledge and professional experience.

Support Engineer certification

Certified Professional Support Engineers have mastered the OutSystems architecture. They are knowledgeable about infrastructure setup, installation, performance tuning, monitoring and troubleshooting. To become a certified Professional Support Engineer, candidates enroll in a Support Engineer Boot Camp and then take the Professional Support Engineer certification exam in class.

The Professional Support Engineer certification exam is hands-on and engages candidates in activities to assess their in-depth knowledge of an OutSystems installation. To pass, candidates must successfully install OutSystems in a two-server farm environment and score 70% or more in the remaining hands-on activities.

Learn more and prepare

For more information about the certification program, download the data sheet.

To prepare for certification, download the Certification Kit.