Success Plans

The OutSystems Success Plan provides technical advisory and access to product experts for the duration of their subscription.

A designated Technical Success Manager will be the primary contact and act as the Trusted Advisor, coordinate access to experts and provide guidance on the right certification exams.

Depending on the Success Plan of your choice, you will get a combination of the following:

  • Technical Success Manager
  • Technical Product Experts
  • Technical Support
  • Certifications

Technical Success Manager

The primary technical advisor in a Success Plan, providing proactive advice and strategic guidance:

  • Design and lead Technical Adoption Plan
  • Advice on Infrastructure configuration, scaling, project development and risk mitigation
  • Proactive alignment to product roadmap
  • Enable teams on Architecture and Code Best Practices

Technical Product Experts

The Technical Product Experts are a mentor to the Customer for a productive and successful journey to autonomy in continuously delivering maximum business value faster. They deliver engagements focused on achieving specific, defined outcomes with high impact, quality, and value. In the Success Plan context, they will focus on advanced technical challenges and/or removing roadblocks across your journey.

Technical Support

The Superior Technical Support features are only available for customers with an active 24x7 contract.

Customers with Success Plan Premier Plus get:

  • Superior Support SLAs  (see details in MSA)
  • Proactive Monitoring of cloud environments.
  • Launch & Event Planning
  • Critical Situation handling


The OutSystems Certification program was built to foster an ecosystem of skilled professionals to deliver high-end quality solutions. We certify professionals in knowledge and real-world project experience.

More information about our certification exams can be found at OutSystems Certifications.