Technical Success Management

Technical Success Management is an OutSystems offer that you can purchase to accelerate the adoption of OutSystems and maximize the benefits you get from the platform as you grow.

This is a yearly subscription service that provides access to a Technical Success Manager (TSM) and unlocks Superior Support SLAs* with our Technical Support team for faster response times.

The TSM works closely with your technical team as a trusted advisor in the adoption and growth of OutSystems. The TSM is a strategic asset helping to reduce the time it takes to deliver your first OutSystems applications and begin seeing measurable business benefits from the platform. All TSM activities are planned and prioritized together with your technical leadership based on your specific context and goals.

As your enablement journey progresses, the TSM shifts to more of a mentoring role. The TSM helps your company's IT grow into OutSystems experts who can then coach and train others. The TSM will also take an active role in reducing the risk of your production systems in key events.




The service is flexible and tailored to your specific goals. It supports your team by providing:

  • Training Plan & Guidance

    The TSM works with your team to gather the necessary context about your project and team skills. This is used to suggest an effective onboarding plan. The TSM also helps remove roadblocks during the onboarding stage so your team is productive as quickly as possible.

  • Development How-To and Troubleshooting Guidance

    OutSystems is a powerful and vast development technology. When starting with OutSystems or venturing into new areas such as Business Processes, Mobile Apps, PWAS, or Workflows, for example. The TSM guides your team as it ramps up and reduces the risk of project delays due to lack of familiarity with the technology.

  • Best Practices Coaching

    The TSM provides coaching on fundamental code and architectural best practices. These are critical to avoid future technical debt. As your use of OutSystems matures, the TSM works closely with your technical leads and architects to set up processes and tools that adhere to best practices

  • OutSystems Configuration Guidance

    OutSystems has multiple components for DevOps (Lifetime), Monitoring and Configuration (Service Center) Quality Control (Architecture Dashboard) and others. Your TSM will guide you on the available options for the OutSystems-specific tools and act as a coach in the configuration of the OutSystems platform and tools as per your requirements.

  • Advisory for Multi-Team delivery

    The TSM provides awareness and coaching on processes that are key to the healthy growth of your OutSystems portfolio, particularly when multiple teams are working in parallel for the delivery of one or multiple complex applications. In such complex environments your TSM will guide your team through creating an architecture that is ready to scale and advise on critical processes like Testing, Application Lifecycle, and Monitoring.

  • Superior Support SLAs*

    With Technical Success Management, you get next-level OutSystems support SLAs that offer accelerated response times. Please check your OutSystems contract for detailed information on the OutSystems Support SLAs you have access to.

  • Critical Situation Handling

    The TSM is your platform expert and advocate inside OutSystems. When a critical situation occurs, your TSM has the necessary context and works with the OutSystems Technical Support team to expedite ticket resolution.

  • Launch & Event Planning

    There are pivotal moments such as an upgrade to a critical service, a marketing campaign that will bring millions of users, etc. In these types of events your TSM will work with your technical team to mitigate the risk of critical events. The TSM will also provide visibility and context to the OutSystems Technical Support team.

  • Proactive Notification of Product Updates

    The OutSystems platform is constantly evolving through new improvements and features. Your TSM has access to the latest and greatest in the OutSystems technology and will proactively engage with your technical teams to make sure they are up-to-date on new capabilities and how best to utilize them.

To learn more about the Technical Success Management and Technical Success Starter offers contact your OutSystems representative or send us a message.

* OutSystems Support SLAs are defined in your Master Subscription Agreement (MSA). Learn about OutSystems Technical Support SLAs here.