Why OutSystems?

OutSystems is dedicated to answering the challenges of digital transformation, multiexperience development, and faster delivery cycles. During the years that OutSystems has been in business, we have solved problems and issues that other vendors didn’t even know existed. We are now confident that we have the only real solution for overcoming today's business and IT challenges by enabling whole teams to build applications fast, right, and for the future.

Our modern application platform makes it fast and easy to develop software that transforms customer experiences, deliver workplace innovation, automate processes, and modernizes mission-critical systems. You start by developing an application once and delivering it seamlessly across all platforms and form factors, confident that it’s sound and won’t break because powerful AI capabilities and automation check for problems before  it goes live. Integrating it with other applications and with your data sources is also a breeze. 

If you need to change your application, you can do it quickly. OutSystems checks your dependencies with automated impact analysis so you can make sure everything is covered. And whenever you deploy, the OutSystems runtime can handle everything for you with a runtime designed current and future technologies. 

This section of the Evaluation Guide describes the OutSystems vision. It then explains the two major IT pressure points businesses are facing today and how the industry is addressing them. At the end, it shows how OutSystems is the best way to overcome these challenges and drive digital transformation at the speed of business.


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