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Developer Podcast Series 

Developers make the world go round. But the world is changing fast. From shifting demographics to higher expectations to new technologies, the only constant for today’s and tomorrow’s developers is change.

Decoded is a podcast that brings the voices of developers forward. 

Join host Sydney Lai, Developer Advocate at OutSystems, as she chats with developers about their personal stories, their insight into the world’s leading apps and products, and the trends that are continually shaping the lives and work of the global developer community.


Behind the Scenes: Developers Share What They’re Working On and What’s Inspiring Them

Every day, developers in every corner of the planet use their imaginations and ingenuity to build the apps on which the rest of the world depends. In Season 3 of Decoded, host Sydney Lai unearths the projects that are keeping some of today’s most dynamic developers busy — and teases out what we can learn from their work. Whether it’s building integrations, navigating the complexities of building for the financial services industry, or taking new approaches to old web development challenges, the projects this season’s guests are tackling will inspire your next great idea.

From Open Source to Developer Platform Adoption

Jeffrey Meyerson, Host, Software Daily

Spend some time with Jeffrey Meyerson, host of the Software Engineering Daily podcast, for insights and opinions on everything from building development platforms for longevity to why open source should rule.

The Art and Science of Building Mobile Banking Applications

Tim Mitra, President, iT Guy Technologies

Art, code, and money combine when Tim Mitra joins Sydney to discuss low-risk strategies for developing high-stakes financial services applications.

The When, Why, and Why Not of Progressive Web Apps

Jeremy Keith, Founder, Clearleft

Prolific author, musician, and web development phenom Jeremy Keith chats with Sydney about why progressive web apps are the un(der)tapped tool for smart web developers building for resilience.

Making Apps that Make Movies

Chris Dhanaraj, Senior UI Engineer, Netflix

Chris Dhanaraj of Netflix Studios chats with host Sydney Lai about building apps that keep Hollywood productions humming.

Building Dev Projects

Courtland Allen, Founder, Indie Hackers

The incomparable Courtland Allen of Indie Hackers talks with host Sydney Lai about how to take a side project from supporting role to main act.

The Democratization of Development

Jesse Showalter, Full Stack Designer, Showalter Design Co.

Listeners are in for a special treat, as UX/UI designer Jesse Showalter joins host Sydney Lai to talk about the tools putting power into the hands of developers.

More episodes to be announced soon.

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