Field Experts Roadshow
January 13-16 | Breepark Complex, Breda, NL

Get ready to take a deep dive on topics and attend a hands-on training that enables you on a domain expertise, through a series of exercises and activities.

Advanced Mobile Workshop

Mobile apps bring a completely new mindset for the development model. On one hand, users have very high expectations regarding their experience with mobile apps.
The main goal is to help the Developers in their OutSystems journey, by introducing them to Development and Architectural Mobile Best Practices.
By undergoing this workshop Developers will gain a bit of experience by following the best practices and know what are the most common pitfalls. Screen reader support enabled.

Miguel Vicente
Development Practice Lead

Architecture Coaching

New at OutSystems and want to learn more about Architecture? You have heard about the 4 layer canvas, but struggle to use it in a real case?
You team has been development for a few years, but struggle to build scalable applications?
As anything in life, you need to start at the beginning...this workshop goes over the base principles in architecture design and combines a series of debates with hands-on exercises, that will make you an architect worthy of such title.

Rui Coutinho
Architecture Practice Lead

User Experience in Practice

On this hands-on workshop you will be guided through a set of activities and discussions that will make you have a full comprehension of the value that a UX Strategy can convey to a digital product, and participate in hands-on exercises that teach the best practices of user-centered design.

Silvia Sequeira
UX/UI Practice Lead

Build and Manage your Backlog

In this session, you will learn how to transform your company and team goals into backlog of high-quality epics and user stories. Building and maintaining a deep backlog of development ready requirements is critical to maximizing the speed and quality of the OutSystems platform.

Thomas Huff
Engagement Practice Lead

DevOps Coaching

Today, every company is a software company. That’s why the ability to change systems and get them live for end users fast is essential to align with the business needs and drive the digital transformation. In this context, learning how to address DevOps topics with OutSystems is essential. In these sessions, you will be able to learn how to do CI/CD, apply automated testing and monitor your OutSystems applications.

Urbano Freitas
DevOps Delivery Lead

Rui Mendes
DevOps Senior Consultant

Platform Operations Coaching

Everything you need to know to manage OutSystems from an Operations Team perspective.
From the planning and setup to upgrades while covering the management consoles.

Duarte Santos
Platform Operations Practice Lead

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