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December 3 - Las Vegas

Planning your visit to Gartner APPS this year?

Be sure and visit OutSystems (Booth 105) and learn more about Low-Code and how we can help you Innovate without Limits!

See how you can use low-code to create better experiences, modernize your architecture, and optimize business operation efficiency.

Customer Session

Wednesday, December 4th
10:30 - 11:15 (Room - Roman II)

American biopharmaceutical company, AbbVie, will present its low-code strategy and discuss how the company develops new applications that streamline business processes for faster product delivery - hosted by Michael Cattapan, the director of software engineering for AbbVie.

Our Learning Lab will be open throughout exhibitor hours, December 3rd and 4th. Join us in the Learning Lab, directly across from the OutSystems booth, and hear some of our experts discuss the following topics:

Phil Bartholo

Senior Solutions Architect,

Session #1
Tuesday, 12/3 at 1:30 - 1:50 p.m.
Wednesday, 12/4 at 5:55 - 6:15 p.m.

Ready for IoT and AI? Driving Business Value with Emerging Technology

The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are already used to improve our quality of life in ways most of us aren’t even aware. Join us for a fun, informative, and tasty demo of how the OutSystems Platform can harness the power of IoT, AI, and NFC to power a candy dispenser. We will also share use cases showing companies putting it all together with these emerging technologies to drive business value.

Taka Torimoto,

Solutions Architect,

Session #2
Tuesday, 12/3 at 2:00-2:20 p.m.
Wednesday, 12/4 at 1:15 -1:35 p.m.

The Future of App Development: Low-Code with No Limits

The theory of punctuated equilibrium suggests evolution happens, not gradually and unnoticeably, but in short bursts with immediate and noticeable changes. Building applications has changed incrementally over the past 70 years: From Machine Code, to Assembly, to High-Level Languages. Each increment provided more productivity, automatic optimizations, abstraction, human readability, modularity, and security and reliability checks. Low-Code is the next evolutionary step that will undoubtedly change how we develop software. Come see the next burst in action - Low-Code development - and how it will change the industry forever.

Brian Smith

Solutions Architect,

Session #3
Tuesday, 12/3 at 5:50 - 6:10 p.m.
Wednesday, 12/4 at 1:45 - 2:05 p.m.

Engagement Revolution: Leveraging AI + ML for Smarter Apps

With the rapid emergence of on-demand machine learning and artificial intelligence, the ability to quickly incorporate these emerging technologies into your applications is critical to your business success. Cognitive services, powered by low-code, provides strong business solutions with truly engaging customer experiences, giving customers exactly what they want, when they want it. Join us for a demonstration and see just how easy it can be to integrate these groundbreaking technologies into your business.

See why Gartner predicts Low-Code Application Platforms will be used for 65% of all application development activity in 5 years.

Schedule an on-site demo with one of our product experts, or book some time to speak with someone from the OutSystems leadership team and let’s get started!

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