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The program consists of 2 weeks of OutSystems training designed to happen outside of working hours, with free access to an exam certification in the end, as well as a possibility to network with some of our customers and partners who are hiring.

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Low-Code School?

96% rated excellent

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Low-Code School to a friend?

100% would recommend

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OutSystems job after Low-Code School?

65% answered yes

Do you believe the Low-Code School will help you increase your likelihood of getting new job opportunities in the future?

96% believe it

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“A fast path to learning a fast development and deployment technology.”

Ivo Vicente

“Low-Code School is certainly a great step towards becoming a good professional!”

Renan Bernardelli

“The low-code school was a free ticket with a great chance of winning the lottery(90%) because it provides us with great opportunities for our future.”

Alberto Pinto

“An injection of knowledge in 2 intense weeks that will be rewarding for your future.”

Luís Miguel Cruz

“The best way to learn how to work with the OutSystems Platform without leaving your home.”

Bárbara Gonçalves

“Outsystems is a signal of hope, to those "non-neard" programmers that are hoping to have a career without massive coding experiences.”

Samuel Ribeiro

“A very helpfull course where you can learn how to create, design and implement a moblie app or a website really fast”

Tomás Antunes

“The Outsystems tool is amazing. The amount of freedom you have and how fast you can do whatever you want is absolutely amazing. Yes, I would for sure recommend the Low-Code School to a friend.”

José Santos

“I think the duration of the course is ideal and allows us to be focused outside of our work. I would recommend to a friend for sure. I think the fact that the course is a classroom course is an advantage.”

João Oliveira

“Low-Code School is a great opportunity to start a new career.”

Elaine Mendonça

“Low-Code School unveil unforeseen opportunities, using OutSystems platform.”

Leandro Gabriel

“Low-Code School is an amazing opportunity to explore, think outside the box, and have a complete new experience with a platform that is the future of digital innovation!”

Inês Godinho

“An interactive hands on learning of OutSystems with a great environment and a great trainer.”

Sérgio Rodrigues

“Low-Code School is a fascinating program, where we can learn everything to become a successful Outsystems developer.”

Ana Lourenço

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