October 8

Welcome Aboard!

Executive Dinner on the Supperclub Cruise

So, you’ve decided to join us for dinner on the Supperclub Cruise through the famous Amsterdam canals.
Great choice—it’s going to be incredible! 

This will be an exciting opportunity to mingle with your NextStep contemporaries and take in Amsterdam from its unique waterway perspective. Here’s a peek at the guest list: 

Paulo Rosado

OutSystems CEO

Steve Rotter

OutSystems CMO

Mike Lambert

OutSystems CRO

Willem van Enter

OutSystems VP Sales, EMEA

Mark Weaser

OutSystems VP, Asia-Pacific

Gonçalo Gaiolas

OutSystems, VP of Digital

The Supperclub Cruise will board at the pier just steps from the NextStep venue, on 8 October, at 7:00 p.m. Don’t fret about directions, though; our VIP dinner team will lead you right to it after the day's events.

We’ll be following up with more details shortly, but should you have any dietary or accessibility restrictions, be sure to let us know at global.events@outsystems.com

See you at NextStep!