The OnTrack application template offers powerful, yet simple, project tracking and collaboration, to support fast continuous delivery of your applications.
With the OnTrack application you can visualize your project progress with dashboards adapted to each user profile and share them with your project team, managers and stakeholders.
This app template is very visual, simple, made for agile projects. It allows you to have a light project management tool you can customize to fit the way YOU work.
The OnTrack pre-built app includes the following functionality:
  • Define requirements: Create new project requirements directly on the app, or have them automatically created from OutSystems App Feedback submitted by end-users
  • Prioritize work items: Estimate, assign, prioritize and track delivery of all work items in a Kanban-like board that gives you constant visibility of progress
  • Confirm User Acceptance: mini-demo videos and instructions for testing can be added to enable business users to confirm completion and ease adoption
  • Monitor and optimize: monitor project budget, stay on top of deviations, optimize against estimates, and make sure you have the most performant app delivery team


Version 1.0.4

SQL Server