XML Records

An extension that allows you to convert an hierarchical structure, composed of Records and/or RecordLists to XML. It also allows to read back an XML text into the structure.

Feature List

- RecordToXml

- RecordListToXml

- XmlToRecordList

String data is converted to XML safe formats (& -> &...)

All functions allow you to specify options for the fields such as:

- The name that the attribute or record will get on the XML

- If a recordlist is included as a sequence or as a child record with an inner sequence

- If empty values should be discarded

- The nullable value for a field

- The namespace for a given structure/record type

System Requirements and Limitations

Latest version is for Agile Platform 7.0+

Older versions available for Agile Platform 5.1 and 6.0

Records composed of multiple structures are not supported

Notice: This component takes advantage of private and undocumented Platform APIs, which can change without notice. As a result, this component may unexpectedly break as the Platform is upgraded. We advise proper testing to ensure that your applications continue to work as expected when upgrading/patching the Platform.

Version 1.6.2


XML Records has no dependencies.