Onboarding Flow

Displaying onboarding screens to first-time users has become a common practice in mobile apps. These screens provide an overview of your app and demonstrate its main features, using a carousel.

Copy this sample flow and customize it to better suit your application. By default, it will adapt to your application colors.

This flow contains 2 different screens:

  • Redirector_Onboarding

    • Validates if it is the first time the user opens the app. If so, the user is redirected to the Onboarding screen, otherwise you can choose where to redirect the user (for example: homescreen / Login).

  • Onboarding

    • This screen contains the information that illustrates your app. This information can be represented with text, images or animations of your choice. The last item has a “Get Started” button which you can customize to your needs

This component is not supported.

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Version 1.0.2