Pin Code Flow

Make your user’s life simpler by providing a simple pin code to login. This Sample Flow uses the Pincode component.

Quickly validate your users and redirect them to any screen of your choice.

Copy this sample flow and customize it to better suit your application look and feel. By default, it will adapt to your application colors. 

The flow contains 3 different screens:

  • Redirector_Pincode

    • This screen validates and redirects the user to the correct screen, depending on whether the user is logged in or not.

  • RegisterPin

    • If the user didn’t register a  pin code, he’s redirected to this screen to register a pin code for the first time

  • Unlock

    • If the user has already registered  a pin code, they’re redirected to this screen to validate their pin code.

This component is not supported.

Learn more on the Silk UI Website.

Version 1.2.1