Increment Number Long Press

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Increment Number Long Press


How to use:

  1. Drag the webblock WB_IncrementNumbers to your screen;
  2. Add the minus clickable widget you want in the MinusPlaceholder;
  3. Add the plus clickable widget you want in the PlusPlaceholder;
  4. Add your expression widget with the number in the NumberPlaceholder and name the widget;
  5. Fill in your parameters accordingly:
    1. Number: Starting number;
    2. Increment: How much should the number increment / decrement each time? Default is 1;
    3. NumberMilliseconds: How many milliseconds it takes while holding the pressing / clicking of the plus / minus widget for the number to update?
    4. NumberExpressionWidgetId: insert the id of the widget using the name of the widget you used in step 4;
    5. DecimalPlaces: number of decimal places of the number.
    6. IsNumberInputField: True, if number is an input; false otherwise (example if it is a text or expression widget). Optional value: False.

Note: if you want to add suffixes or prefixes, add another expression / text to the NumberPlaceholder.

You can style the widget as you wish leveraging on the following structure:

The placeholders have the classes increment-number-minus, increment-number-number and increment-number-plus, all enclosed by an increment-number container.