PDF Annotations

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PDF Annotations


The PDF Annotations Components consists of the following modules

  • PDFAnnotations_EXT - Extension module with the custom code to extract annotations from a PDF
  • PDFAnnotations_LIB - This module has one wrapper action which you can use in your own applications

How to use

Add a dependency to the Annotations_Extract action in the PDFAnnotations_LIB module

The action takes a Binary Data FileData input and returns a List of Annotation Data Structure

Annotation Data Structure

  • Id - The unique identifier of an annotation within the document. If the annotation has been made with Adobe Reader that Id is also globally unique. The Id of an annotation is a real problem. While most PDF applications write a "Name" Tag to an annotation (which by spec is unique), there are some products which to not write a "Name" to. In case there is no "Name" tag associated with an annotation, the Hash of an annotation is used for identification.
  • ParentId - If this annotation is a reply to another annotation, this property contains the id of the parent annotation
  • Comment - If the annotation also has a comment, this property contains the text of the comment
  • Author - If the annotation contains a "T" Tag (Label), this property contains that value
  • CreatedAt - Another property which is not set by all PDF products. If the annotation contains a CreationDate Tag this property contains the DateTime value.
  • ModifiedAt - Same as CreatedAt but for the modification date if set.
  • SubType - A Textstring containing the actual Markup type (Highlight, StrikeOut, asf)
  • Page - Page number of the annotation
  • Extract - the extracted (highlighted) text on the page of the annotation
  • Rectangle - Array of decimals for the bounding box of the annotation
  • QuadPoints - applies to Markup annotations only. An array of decimals of the QuadPoints of an annotation