Citrix MAM Plugin

Stable version 1.0.5 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Citrix MAM Plugin


Plugin Configuration

Install the plugin in the same environment where the mobile application lives.

If building for android you will need to set a keystore in the build settings on the Distribute tab of the app in Service Studio

If building for iOS change the following extensibility configurations variables accordingly to your settings.

  1. BundleID - bundleid (aka App Identifier) of your application

  2. Packageid - a uuid generated though running the uuidgen command at the command line, as per citrix documentation 

  3. Urlscheme - com.citrix.sso.YOURPACKAGEID

  4. Teamid - the teamid of the certificate used to compile the application, can be found in your apple developers account home page

  5. Storeurl - Use your app Apple App Store URL, if you don't plan on having it in the store insert the default

  6. Credentials - The username and password, separated by a colon symbol, of a user present on your OutSystems users database, on a personal it is the same as the credentials used to login in to Service Studio or Service Center

  7. WebserviceURL - the rest service url for which the mdx file will be uploaded, to find that url open the MAMSDK webservice and look at the image below for the location of the url, after that add the name of your environment before the url. Service URL should be accessible from MABS as it will be called during App generation.

  8. EMBEDIPA - Whether to embed the ipa into the mdx. This should be true if you are not planning on having it in the app store.

Similar to this:

Create Rest Service

Create a Web application for the rest service to receive the generated .mdx file.

In the Logic tab add a consume action in the REST section that is inside Integrations.

In that action do the following steps

  1. Add basic authentication

  2. Add 4 input parameters

    1. File : binary : body

    2. Type : Text : url

    3. Platform : Text : url

    4. Name : Text : url

In case you are not able to publish the web service url to be accessible to MABS, you can use your personal environment to host the service. Once the App is generated successfully then you can download \ copy the file to use in the citrix platform

Using the plugin

To use the plugin you just need to call the init action at the earliest point possible in you application logic, in the sample app it is in the onReady event of the Main Screen.