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Citizen Developer Catalog

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Citizen Developer Catalog


Adding applications to the catalog

The app queries the Applications entity of the current environment to get all Applications. Select the application you want to add to the catalog.

You must be a member of the CatalogManager Role.

Managing Categorization

You can categorize a component in three different areas

  • Business - Add category items for your departments, business services, teams asf
  • Data - meaning Business Data Objects like Invoice, Time Entry, Employee asf.
  • Application - meaning all sorts of applications a component interacts with

To create categories go to the Categories menu. You need to be a member of the CatalogManager role.

To categorize a catalog item click on the Add Category Link.


You can add documentation in Markdown Format. I added the ToastUI MarkdownEditor for easy editing in markdown or wysiwyg mode.

Creating your own UI or Integration

To create your own use the CDC_CatalogServices_BL module.

Catalog Actions

  • Catalog_AddApplication - Add an application from the current environment to the catalog
  • Catalog_AddCategory - Create a new category in a layer
  • Catalog_DisableCategory - Disable a category (not used in current UI)
  • Catalog_EnableCategory - Enable a category (not used in current UI)
  • Catalog_RemoveApplication - Removes an application from the catalog !Including Documentation!

Item Actions (Catalog Item)

  • Item_AddCategory - Add a category to a catalog item
  • Item_RemoveCategory - Remove a category from a catalog item
  • Item_UpdateDocumentation - Update the documentation entry for a catalog item


  • Application_GetApplications - Retrieves all enabled applications from the current encironment
  • Catalog_GetCategories - Get all categories
  • Catalog_GetItemById - Retrieve details for a single ItemId
  • Catalog_GetItems - Retrieve catalog items
  • Item_GetCategories - Gets all associated categories for an item
  • Item_GetDocumentation - Gets the documentation for a catalog item

List based searches provide Search Filters and index based paging.