Dynatrace RUM for Mobile

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Dynatrace RUM for Mobile


In this document we describe how to install the Dynatrace RUM Mobile plugin in your mobile applications to integrate native and applicational monitoring on your Dynatrace dashboard. 

Configure your Dynatrace Environment

Follow the next steps in the Dynatrace portal.

  1. Create a new Mobile App at Dynatrace


  1. In the instrumentation wizard 

    1. Select Cordova

    2. Enable web view monitoring

    3. Download the dynatrace.config.js


  1. Go to the settings of the web application part of your mobile application

    1. In Capturing > Async web requests and SPAs enable:

      1. jQuery, Backbone.js

      2. Capture XmlHttpRequest (XHR)

      3. Capture fetch() requests


  1. In Setup select Code snippet and download snippet

    1. Remove the html script tags and save as js file


Please refer to the following public documentation for more information:



OutSystems Application Configuration

Initializing Dynatrace

Follow these steps to configure your application to log into Dynatrace.

  1. Go to Forge and install the Dynatrace RUM Mobile plugin on your environment

  2. Reference the Dynatrace RUM Mobile plugin from your application

  3. Import the code snippet from Dynatrace


  1. Add in the resources the dynatrace.config.js

    1. Change the deploy action to deploy to target directory

    2. Change the target directory to dynatraceConfig


  1. Create an OnApplicationReady action that calls Dynatrace_Initialize (DynatracePlugin action) with the Url of the script imported.


  1. Publish your application to your environment