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Apple pay certificates:


Apple pay identifiers:


Apple Pay certificate creation:

Below is the link to create certificate for apple and there is a step by step process.

After going this link:

  • Create certificate
  • Create identifier
  • Create device
  • Create provisional profile and the devices in provisional profile.

Apple Pay Plugin Guide:

I am using this code to create the apple pay plugin. Below link is for GitHub directory.

Below method we are using for apple pay:

Payment flow full example and response is given in the above link.

Enable apple pay in Apple store for your app:

Apple Pay allows users to purchase goods and services within your app. To add the Apple Pay to your App ID,

First create a merchant identifier,

Then enable Apple Pay

And create a payment processing certificate.

Sand Box testing for apple pay:

For testing apple pay in development mode, you need to do below settings:

You can get the test cards on apple site.