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Stable version 1.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Works with both static and regular entities.

To move a table from one place to ther folow this steps:

  • Create the new table
  • Replace all usages of the old table with the new one. 
  • Make sure that when changing foreign keys from the old to the new entity you set the delete rule as ignore.
  • Use the tool to migrate the data.
  • Test your changes.

Please be aware that inserting data before migrating can lead to inconsistencies 

Migrate the tables 1 at a time to avoid potential issues of data inconsistency. (to be addresses in future versions).

In order to create a new request to move data follow this easy steps:

1. Open the app and click on the Add Migration request

2. Fill in the form by selecting the module and entity you are replacing ( deleted entities also apear on this list) and the module and entity you are using to replace the old one.

3. Hit the Save Button

this should kick off the migration process

In some situation you migth see the Validate records link on you details page

This will occur in 2 situations:

  • Having columns in the new entity that don't match any column on the old entity
    in this if you decide to proceed it will ignore those columns ( make sure they are non mandatory)
  • Having static values that were deleted on the old static (that migth still be used)
    in this situation you can select what you want to do with each field.