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Notificare Plugin

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Notificare Plugin


Notificare Plugin

Notificare is a Customer Engagement Platform.


To use the Notificare plugins you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You set up a Notificare account.

  • You added an Android and an iOS app in Notificare and downloaded the configuration files:

    • NotificareServices.plist for iOS
    • notificare-services.json for Android

Demo app

Install Notificare Demo App from Forge and open the app in Service Studio. The demo app contains sample logic, which you can examine and recreate in your apps.

Adding and using a Notificare plugin

To add a Notificare plugin to your module, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Notificare Core Plugin and reference it in your module.

  2. Install the desired Notificare plugin and reference it in your module. See Adding plugins for detailed instructions.

  3. Add the Notifcare services configuration file to the module.

    You need to add Notificare services configuration file only for the first Notificare plugin in your module. The next Notificare plugin you add uses the same configuration files.

  4. In Service Studio, go to Logic > Client Action > your Notificare plugin and use the actions in your logic.

Adding Notificare services configuration file

An app with a Notificare Plugin requires the plugin configuration files in the app file resources. Follow the steps to add the Notificare configuration to your module:

  1. In Service Studio, go to the Data tab.

  2. Right-click the Resources folder and select Import Resource. The Import Resource dialog opens.

  3. Select the notificare configuration file and confirm the selection. Service Studio adds the file under the Resources folder.

  4. Select the resource and configure the following:

  5. Repeat steps two and four for each environment, each time using a different configuration and target directory.

Preparing Notificare configuration file

Add the files NotificareServices.plist and notificare-services.json in a zip file and name the zip file

Generating target directories for configuration files

A Notificare Plugin requires that you supply configuration files in the app file resources. The mobile apps commonly have different identifiers in different environments, so you need to generate target directories for each environment.

To get the target directory, concatenate the app identifier and .notificare. Here are examples for three environments with different app identifiers.

EnvironmentApp identifierTarget directory

Use the target directory value in the Target Directory property of the Resource.