Touch ID Plugin

Stable Version 3.1.0 (O11)
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Created on 11 July 2016

Touch ID Plugin Gives the ability to your application, to leverage the local authentication framework to allow in-app user authentication using fingerprint or face id sensors.

How to use this plugin?

First of all before anything you should check if the touch ID plugin is available in the device.

It’s really simple you just call the CheckTouchIdPlugin action and if the plugin is not available then you will not be able to use Touch ID Plugin, if that happens the CheckTouchIdPlugin returns an error message then you can show it and abort the operation, or deal with it in a way that fits our purposes.

Assuming that the plugin is available your next step is to use the TouchID action, this action has several inputs but the only one that is mandatory is the Message that will appear in the authentication popup. Besides that, you have two other inputs (Title, Hint) where you can write more information.

Here’s an image of where the information will appear

You have three more inputs that are a bit more technical:

  • DisableBackup if true will restrict the authentication to fingerprint sensor only disabling the optional methods like pattern, pin, password.

  • MaxAttempts like the input says is the maximum number of attempts that you can do before the authentication is locked.

  • “Locale” is a text variable the receives the native language in order to automatically translate things like the text on the buttons.

The implementation is very simple too, you just drag and drop the TouchID action to the place where you want to trigger it, and when it reaches there you will see a popup like the one above, then it will return true or false according to the success or unsuccess of the authentication and an error message if it was unsuccessful.

Finally, after that, you can proceed with your actions according to the output received. 

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