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Stable Version 3.2.0 (O11)
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Created on 11 July 2016

This plugin gives the ability to your native Android or iOS application to do OCR over a credit card. This component provides actions to quickly enable the use of Card IO functionalities. 


Note: It’s not possible to read the expiry date field when using an Android Device.

How to use this plugin

Step 1) Open Service studio. Install the Card IO plugin. After the installation is complete, create a Mobile Application

Step 2) Open the recently created application and a screen. You can do this by right-clicking in the MainFlow and select Add Screen.

Step 3) In the screen drag a Button: set the name to Read Card and create an action to handle the OnClick Event, name it ReadCard. Also, add a Local Variable. Name it CreditCardInfo and set the type to CreditCardInfo.

Step 4) The ReadCard action is where we are going to the logic to obtain the information of a credit card.

a) Open the action and drag and drop the CheckCardIOPlugin action between the Start and End statements. This action returns a Boolean that validates if the plugin is available or not. In case the plugin is not available returns error information.

b) Below, drag and drop an If to validate if the plugin is available or not. Set the condition of the If to CheckCardIOPlugin.IsAvailable. 

  1. In the False branch of the If, drag and drop a Message. Set the type to Error and the Message to CheckCardIOPlugin.Error.ErrorMessage. 

  2. In the True branch, drag the CreditCardRead. This action returns a boolean if the read of the credit card was successful. If successful also returns the credit card information. 

  3. On the left, drag an If and validate if the read of the credit card was successful.
    3.1 Below the If, drag and drop a Message. Set the Type to Error and the Message to CreditCardRead.Error.ErrorMessage. Connect the False branch to this Message and connect the Message to an End statement.
    3.2 On the left of the If, drag an Assign and add the following assignment.

Your action should look like this.

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