Key Store Plugin

Stable Version 2.1.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Key Store Plugin


This plugin allows your application to securely store secrets such as usernames, passwords, tokens, certificates or other sensitive information (strings) on iOS & Android devices.

The component basically lets you store, get, and remove strings, for each of these functionalities the component has an action that I will explain right ahead. But first, we’ll see how to check if the plugin works.


So with the CheckKeyStorePlugin you can verify if the plugin is available on your application with the device, basically what you need to do is to use this action before you use the others to see if the plugin is available to use in your device, if there is no problem the action will return true in the Success attribute, otherwise it will return false and the error output will be filled with the code of the error and the error message.


The SetValue action is the action that will let you store the secret information in your device, in order to do it you should choose the store name and pass it to the Store attribute, also you need to choose a secret key to lock the secret information this will be passed to the Key attribute, and of course you need to pass the secret information that you want to lock to the Value attribute.

As output, you will have the same Success and Error as before.


If you have the need to get the stored data this is the function to use. You basically you need to have the store name and key that were used before to store the data and pass it to the Store and Key inputs of this action, it’s as simple as that. If the action is successful it will return you the stored data through the Value attribute otherwise you’ll receive the error.


The RemoveValue action deletes the stored value and also deletes the key, to do it as well as the previous action you will need the store name and the key then it will return true if the process was successful or false otherwise pretty much the same as the action before.