Firebase Core

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Firebase Core


When using the action “GenerateTokenV2” from extension FirebaseUtils in Firebase Core, there are 3 input parameters that are needed:

    UserId - User Id. Can be any unique identification;

    ServiceAccountPrivateKey - This key can be found in the Firebase Project console;

    ServiceAccountClientEmail - This client email can be found in the Firebase Project console.

To configure and use the ServiceAccountPrivateKey and ServiceAccountClientEmail, follow the next steps:

1 - Create 2 new site properties called FbClientEmail and FbPrivateKey.

2 - Configure the 2 site properties with the correct values:

  1. Go to the Firebase Console

  2. Click on the “gear” icon

  3. Click on “Project Details”

  4. Click on the “Service Account” tab

  5. On “Firebase Admin SDK”, click on the button “Generate new private key”. A JSON file will be downloaded.

  6. Open the JSON file and copy the values of the keys  “client_email” and “private_key” and assign them to the site properties that were just created