OutSystems Sample Data

Stable Version 1.0.35 (OutSystems 11)
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Created on 09 August 2018

OutSystems Sample Data


Sample Data is automatically created when the application is published, however, you might need to reset it.

How to reset Sample Data:

  1. Access the OutSystems Sample Data application in Service Center
  2. Open the OutSystemsSampleDataDB module
  3. Select the Timers tab, the action you want to do, and press Run Now
  4. Types of timers available:

    • Bootstrap_SampleData - this action runs when the module is published, it bootstraps the data for all entities

    • Delete_SampleData - this action deletes data from all entities

    • Reset_SampleData - this action resets data from all entities

    • ResetDates - this action only resets dates, this is done periodically to ensure, for instance, that data in Charts is displayed properly

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