Stable Version 3.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Published on 13 August 2020 by 
João Pêgas
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What is the purpose of the component?

DB Cleaner is used to clear up space in your environment, clear deprecated entities and attributes that may have been deleted in Service Studio (but yet still exist), or to check how much space a given eSpace or entity is using.

Installing the component

Because the DBCleaner component has no dependencies the installation is rather simple. You can download the component and install it through Service Center or you can install it directly into Service Studio.

After that in Service Studio click on Install or Update (if there is already a version available)

When the component is installed an application icon is shown in Service Studio.

Rights – Log in

To be able to use the application the user must log in with a Service Center user account, not a normal front end user account otherwise the user will get an access denied error.

Starting the application

The application can be started by browsing to the home page:
 https://<<your domain>>/DBCleaner/Home.aspx

A login box will be shown when you are not logged in. Please log in with a Service Center account.

How to use it

You’ll be presented with the following tabs

  • Solutions

  • Applications

  • Espace Versions

  • Espace Version List

  • Emails

  • Processes

  • Database Entities

  • Database Table Size

  • Timers and processes

Check the details below.


This screen allows you to remove old solutions.


This shows the list of applications installed in your environment, here you can clear older versions of your applications.

Espace versions

  • This will present you with an option to delete all old eSpace versions.

  • Clicking on timer configurations will redirect you to Service Center.

Espace versions list

For a more detailed view, you can go to the Espace Version Listing tab. There you can also filter and/or delete older eSpace versions as well as get more information on these eSpaces. 


In this list, you can delete the email files that are logged in their applications. Deletion is only available by application, while you can define the timeline from which to start deleting.


Here you can remove process logs.

Database entities

  • Here you can delete the entities from the Database. (Context: when you delete entities in Service Studio, their reference disappears but they will still remain on the Database itself. The same applies to entity attributes and data.

  • Use when having trouble referencing new entities or attributes that have the same names of previously deleted ones.

Database table size

Here you can check the actual disk space an entity is occupying.

Timers & Processes

PruneVersionsByESpace (BPT)
Triggered when the user either deletes one or all older versions.

CleanOldProcesses (Timer), CleanOldVersions (Timer)
These timers have no schedule, they’re woken when the user takes the respective action of deleting old processes or deleting old versions. For each process for which the logs are cleared, it will commit the changes. This avoids rollbacks in case of a timeout.