Attribute Value Extractor

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Created on 24 October 2018

Attribute Value Extractor


Once you have downloaded the plugin and installed in your environment, you can start using the plugin in your application. In order to use the plugin, first go to manage dependency and add the index action from RecordExtractor. For understanding purpose we will assume that we have a entity called customer and customer has name of text datatype and age of integer datatype as its attribute. The Index action has below parameters

  1. InputRecordList: A record list variable converted to object using ToObject function. for example if you have a list of customer in variable called customers then in the expression editor you code it as ToObject(customers).

  2. OutputRecordList: variable defined as list of particular datatype converted to object using ToObject function. for example if you want to extract name from customers record list then we will define a variable called names of list of text datatype and in the expression editor you code it as ToObject(names)

  3. AttributeName: Attribute name as defined in the record. For example if we are planning to extract name from customer record list then I need to provide a value of "name" as value to this parameter.

  4. Message: Output message from plugin.

Use case: We wan to extract name from customer entity.

  1. Go to Manage dependency and add the Index action from record extractor.
  2. We have an entity called customer with two column, first column is name of text datatype and second column is age of integer datatype.
  3. We will define a local variable and call it Customers. This should create it as customer list datatype
  4. We will define one more variable and call it Names, this should create it with text datatype.
  5. We will expand the datatype and select List

  6. In the "Names list element type" popup window select Text and click ok

  7. Now that you have the names variable, we are ready to extract the names from customer record list. We will go ahead and add this logic in preparation for this demonstration.

  8. In the preparation action. 

    1. Drag and drop customer entity after the start node.

    2. After the Aggregate, drag and drop Assignment from toolbox and assign the customer variable with the aggregate output.

    3. Drag and drop the Index action from logic tab found under Record Extractor module after the assignment and configure as below

      1. InputRecordList: ToObject(GetCustomers.List.Current.Customer)

      2. OutputRecordList: ToObject(Names)

      3. AttributeName: "Name"

  9. Now the plugin should extract all the names from customer record list and store in in names variable.

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