Azure LUIS Connector

Stable Version 2.1.7 (O11)
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OutSystems.AI Team
OutSystems.AI Team
Created on 15 April 2019

How to use this connector?

  1. Go to the LUIS homepage and sign in to access the portal. You can create and manage your LUIS applications in the portal.

  1. Put the Authoring Key of your LUIS account in the Site Property of the connector. Learn more about this key and where to find it.

  1. Go to the Azure Portal and create a Language Understanding resource. Since LUIS is part of Azure Cognitive Services, you can check how to create Cognitive Services resources.

  1. Assign your Language Understanding resource to your LUIS application. Learn how to assign the resource key to the LUIS app through the LUIS portal.

  2. If the region of your LUIS resource is different from "westus", do the following:

    1. In Service Center, go to the Integrations tab of the connector eSpace detail page, scroll to "Consumed REST APIs" and click on LUISEndpointAPI.

    2. Enter the Endpoint Base URL of your LUIS resource in the Effective URL text box. The base URL will be different according to the location of your LUIS resource. For example, for a resource created in West US, the base URL will be

  1. Use the Endpoint Key of the assigned resource for authentication in the Server Actions within the LUISEndpointAPI folder.  Learn more about the Endpoint Key.

  1. Learn how to use this connector in your OutSystems applications.

Known limitations

This connector does not implement all the methods available in the LUIS Programmatic API v2.0.

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