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Created on 16 July 2019

The EmailUtils component includes utility actions and widgets for parsing and displaying email content in MIME format.

Use this component to display emails sent from OutSystems, emails read from an email server, or any email in MIME format.

The component uses the MailKit library at


#1 Build a screen to display OutSystems outgoing emails

Query the System Sent_Email entity for email metadata and the Email_Content entity for the email in MIME format.

Use the EmailUtils_ParseEmail action to retrieve the email HTML content and attachments.  Set StripAttachmentContent to True, so only attachment metadata is returned.  Set ConvertInlineImages to True so images will display in the HTML content.

Display the email HTML content using the IsolateHtmlBlock web block.

#2 Parse email content and store email content

Create entities to store email metadata and email content.

When email content is provided either via upload or a REST API, parse email content using the EmailUtils_ParseEmail action and store the email metadata and content in the entities.

For example usage a demo is available on the sample page.


The EmailUtils component exposes the following actions.


Parse an email in MIME format.  Provide the binary email content in MIME UTF8 format.  The email details and attachments will be returned.


EmailContent (Binary Data): Email content in MIME/UTF8 format

ParseAttachments (Boolean): Parse and return attachments

StripAttachmentContent (Boolean): If ParseAttachments is True and StripAttachmentContent is True attachment details will be returned without the attachment content.

ConvertInlineImages (Boolean): For HTML emails, convert embedded images to inline HTML images for ease of display.  This however duplicates the image content if the image appears multiple times.

(Out) Email (EmailUtils_Email Record): The parsed email.


Parse and return attachments. Parse an email in MIME format and retrieve only the attachments with content.


EmailContent (Binary Data): Email content in MIME/UTF8 format

(Out) Attachments (EmailUtils_Attachment Record List): A list of attachments


Parse the email and retrieve the specified attachment


EmailContent (Binary Data): Email content in MIME/UTF8 format

ContentId (Text): The attachment content id

(Out) Attachment (EmailUtils_Attachment): The attachment details and content.



Isolate HTML by displaying in a shadow DOM, if supported.  The shadow DOM prevents styles in the HTML content from affecting the rest of the page.
If shadow DOM is not supported, the HTML is displayed in a DIV.
Script elements are removed from HTML.
Warning! Passing uncontrolled HTML could still result in security risks.



An email attachment


ContentId (Text): Attachment content id

ContentType (Text): Size of the attachment in bytes.

ContentSize (Integer): Size in bytes of the attachment.

Content (Binary Data): The attachment content.

Filename (Text): The attachment filename.

IsInline (Boolean): If True, the attachment is an embedded object otherwise a normal attachment.


An email message


MessageId (Text): The email message id

Date (DateTime): The date and time the email was sent

From (Text): The from email address

To (Text): The to email address

Cc (Text): The CC email address

Subject (Text): The email subject

BodyText (Text): The email body text, if HTML, the text stripped of HTML content.

BodyContent (BinaryData): The email body content in UTF8 encoding.  If ContentType is text/plain then the content is just text, otherwise if text/html the content is HTML.

ContentType (Text): The content type of the BodyContent

Attachments (EmailUtils_Attachments Record List): Attachments

Importance (Text): Low, Normal or High

Sender (Text): The sender may differ from the addresses in From if the message was sent by someone on behalf of someone else.

Priority (Text): NonUrgent, Normal or Urgent

References (EmailUtils_MessageId Record List): The References header contains a chain of Message-Ids back to the original message that started the thread.


An email message identifier


MessageId (Text): The message identifier.

Support Options
This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Stuart Harris who created this component.
EmailUtils has no dependencies.