Paytm Checksum Utility

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Created on 07 August 2019

Paytm Checksum Utility


Paytm checksum utility is a library providing actions to generate and validate checksum signature, which is used to ensure  that API requests and responses shared between your application and Paytm over network have not been tampered with. Also the library provides a method that generates a form that should be POST'ed to Paytm servers for integrating with Paytm's payment gateway.

Note: Paytm checksum utility has no dependencies.

The Paytm checksum utility library needs to be installed first from forge before using any of the actions provided.

How to use this library (Example):

Step 1) Open Service Studio, click on “Install Application”. You will be redirected to the forge page. You write the name of the component, in this case, Paytm checksum utility.

Step 2) After the download and installation are done, you can open the application where you would like to use the library.

Step 3) Click on “Manage Dependencies” and import the actions given by Paytm checksum utility library.

The library provides the following actions

The Paytm checksum utility provides the following methods

1) Paytm_CheckSumgenerateCheckSum

This method generates a checksum that is needed to post a form to Paytm's server for checkout.

2) Paytm_CheckSumgenerateCheckSumByJson

This method generates a checksum by taking json as input.

3) Paytm_CheckSumgenerateCheckSumForRefund

This method generates a checksum for a refund.

4) Paytm_CheckSumverifyCheckSum

This method verifies a input checksum against a given set of parameters used to generate it.

5) Paytm_CheckSumverifyCheckSumByjson

This method verifies a input checksum against a given set of parameters as json, used to generate it.

6) Paytm_CheckSumEncrypt

This method encrypts a string input.

7) Paytm_CheckSumDecrypt

This method decrypts a string input.

8) Paytm_GenerateForm

This method generates a form that should be POST'ed to the Paytm's server for integrating with Paytm payment gateway.

Support Options
This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Amal Raj who created this component.
Paytm Checksum Utility has no dependencies.