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Dynatrace RUM for Web

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Dynatrace RUM for Web


How to Use

There are 2 ways to use this component in your OutSystems web application:

  1. Dynatrace_Initialize action - add this action to the preparation of the pages to monitor, or if to monitor all pages of an application, add to the preparation of the layout. Only available to use in dotNET based applications.

  2. Dynatrace_Initialize block - add this block to the top most part of the pages to monitor, or if to monitor all pages of an application, add to top of the layout. 

Both options require Dynatrace configuration string to be provided as a parameter.

How to Configure

To obtain a configuration string for you app, please follow the steps:

  1. Go to Deploy Dynatrace section of your Dynatrace web UI.
  2. Choose Set up agentless or AMP monitoring option.
  3. Enter a desired name and click Add web application.
  4. Click View application, then Edit in the menu to the right.

  5. Additional feature can be activated so that more user-friendly results can be seen in Dynatrace dashboard:

  6. Save your changes and get the Javascript code snippet.

  7. Copy the code snippet to a text editor of your choice.

  8. Search for window.dT_={cfg: in the script (see screenshots).

  9. Extract the configuration string that follows:

Please note that it may take some time (up to 10 minutes), for the data to be displayed on Dynatrace interface.


You can see in the Developer Tools of the browser, in the network tab, the beacon sent by Dynatrace.
The beacon will be sent to the domain dynatrace.com.