App Feedback to MS Planner - Traditional

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Davies March
Davies March
Created on 19 October 2019

App Feedback to MS Planner - Traditional



The App Feedback to MS Planner component leverages the MS Planner connector component and App Feedback connector to synchronise user feedback into MS Planner for management.

 To authenticate the user to Offices365/Azure AD the application leverages the Microsoft Login Connector.

Configuring login/authentication

Within your OutSystems application you will need to set up and configure the following site variables.  For details see the documentation for Microsoft Login Connector.

  • ClientID
  • ClientSecret
  • HomepageURL
  • Resource
  • Scope

Importantly to leverage the MS Graph API you will want to configure Resource as

Configuring your Microsoft Azure App Registration with relevant MS Graph API read and write permissions

In order to read and write to MS Planner you will need to set the Delegated group read and write permissions.

In the Azure portal search for app registration and select the registration you may have setup as part of the configuring login/authentication.

Select  the api permissions and then select Microsoft graph

select delegated and

then scroll down to groups and tick read and write , hitting add permissions

your admin will need to approve. If you are the admin then you can approve at the bottom of the next page

You will also need to set the redirect URI which can be set by selecting Redirect URIs from the overview. It should be set to URL of application plus /Callback.aspx

Testing success

if you open the screens in the  MS connector you will see your  Microsoft connection settings and can test that you can generate an authentication token. You will also see the list of current plans if you hit refresh plans.

Configuring the Application

The application has been setup to allow you to pick which Plan and Bucket to synchronise.  The table will list all applications in your environment selecting the name will take you to a screen to add a plan and bucket or to edit the plan and bucket. 

The component will bring through all of the MS plans and related buckets. Select the plan and bucket that you would like the feedback synchronised to.   

Enabling continuous synchronisation of OutSystems Feedback into MS Planner

To enable continuous synchronisation,  activate the timer set to the schedule you would like.  You will also need to set the ServerDomain site variable in MS login connector to the name of your OutSystems server eg  Without this variable set because of initiation from a timer and not a web page the connector might use the non alias sever name which won't be recognised by your MS Graph App registration.

Support Options
This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Davies March who created this component.
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