Pyze Analytics Plugin for Reactive Web Apps

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Pyze Analytics Plugin for Reactive Web Apps


Pyze Web Sample

This component consists of a sample app showing a Pyze web integration. This includes sdk installation, custom events and attributes, timed events, and usage of OutSystems local variables as custom attributes.

Pyze Documentation

Pyze OutSystems Integration

Pyze Low-code Analytics User Guide

For more details on Web and Mobile integrations, access:

Pyze Web Application Analytics

Pyze Mobile Analytics for Apache Cordova

Key examples within this sample

This sample includes the following key elements:


The first thing you should do when installing the Pyze SDK is Initialization this adds the sdk to every page within your app, and gets you a ton of out-of-the-box metrics

This is best acheived in the OnApplicationReady event in Client Logic. Copy paste the javascript snippet from the pyze documentation into a JavaScript module on this action:

  • Replace YOUR_PYZE_APP_KEY with the key from the Pyze dashboard identifying this application.


Custom Events

The sample app has several examples of custom events you can use to guide your implementation. Use custom events to generate business metrics that your organization cares about. These can range from specific technical events like "User interacted with chart", to high-level KPI's such as "Users are following out of the funnel at this point"

Documentation on custom events

Simple Custom Event

You can see an example of a custom event on the main page of this application. When someone hovers their mouse on the chart on this page, we fire simple event noting so.

Custom events with Attributes

You can see an example of a custom event with attributes and a passing a local Outsystems variable on the List screen navigation bar. We pass the start index into the javascript function, and send it as a custom attribute.

Simple Timed Event

The Pyze SDk includes helper functions to create timed events. On the detail screen page, we initialize a simple timer in the onReady action to start the timer upon page load.

Then when the user submits the form, we include that timer reference, along with some custom attributes. We can use this to see how long users are taking to fill out this form, along with any other information we want to include with this event.

Support Options
This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Pyze Inc who created this component.
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