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Stable Version 1.0.0 (OutSystems 11)
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After create the stylesheets to use in the screens/flows, follow the steps below:

1) Change the stylesheets name and includes the leading "DCSS_" as those first characters (e.g. stylesheet 'myStyle' becomes 'DCSS_myStyle'). 'DCSS_' is used by the main script to identify the current stylesheet.

2) Drag and drop the DCSS_Script client action into the OnRender event. Create the logic as you wish to implement. The DCSS_Script requires only one parameter: the fullname of the stylesheet to be applyed (e.g "DCSS_MyStylesheet"). Also can be implemented after server action validations. Use your imagination.

3) If you need to apply to the whole application, insert the DCSS_Script inside the OnRender event of the Source Layout Block. Can be used inside any block as well.

4) Take a look inside the example module!

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