Google reCAPTCHA Web

Stable Version 2.0.3 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.0
Published on 06 November 2020 by 
OSRecaptcha Team
OSRecaptcha Team
Created on 17 June 2015

Google reCAPTCHA Web

  1. Generate a SiteKey and SecretKey
    Register your domain on through the Admin Console selecting the corresponding reCAPTCHA verification

  2. Assign the values from the Google's Admin Console to the Site properties in the demo and later create them in your application

  3. Drag the corresponding reCAPTCHA web block 
    Drag and drop the corresponding reCAPTCHA web block to the screen that you want to secure with reCAPTCHA. Insert your site key as input parameter on this web block. If you want to define an action for better tracking on Google's reCAPTCHA Admin Console, you should use only alphabetical characters to avoid javascript errors.

  4. Validate reCAPTCHA verification
    On your submit action, use the Validate action passing the secret key as parameter. You will receive as an output parameter a success status (True or False). You can handle as you wish this feedback.
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Google reCAPTCHA Web has no dependencies.