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Here Maps Reactive Library

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Here Maps Reactive Library


This is very Simple Component. Here are the steps to add this Here Maps to your screens.

Download the component from forge.

Add the dependency of Here Maps Reactive Library

Select the Map needed based on requirement from HereMaps UI Flow. There are two web blocks available as:

  1. MapsSingleLocation:- This will add a here map with single Location and center the map to that location and also will add a marker to same location
  2. MapsWithMarkers:- This will add a map for specific location and also if markers passed as input it will add those markers to the current map. These markers are customizable. User can change default marker icon and also add info bubble content. This info bubble content will show up when clicked on marker.
After adding the web block to you screen. you just need to pass all necessary parameters and you will be able to see the map on UI.

If you still not able to figure out how to use. Please message me or post your query on forum tagging this component from support tab.