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Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 13 September 2021 by 
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Select  All Reactive


Demo of this component contains the implementation example. We recommend to check it for better experience.

Select All Reactive Component Documentation:

If you have a requirement to do the bulk select and deselect the Check boxes in your application, this component will help you to achieve this.  This plugin does not need any more dependencies, so updating this component frequently is not necessary. Simply install this component in your environment add take dependency. To install this component, go to the forge page, search for this component, and click to install.

How to use this Component:

  • After the installation, you need to add the class “checked_all” in your Checkbox to do bulk select and deselect, and the class “checkbox” in your list of checkboxes.
  • Add the event “OnClick” on each of your checkboxes and add a Handler.
  • Take the “SelectAll_Checkbox” component dependency and add the “SelectAll” client action on this OnClick handler.

  • Now, you can achieve it,