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Nordigen Account Information Connector

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Nordigen Account Information Connector



Your first step is to create a Nordigen Account at

Nordigen offers a free product, which allows you to connect your bank accounts and retrieve general account information and transaction history. In addition you can choose to add their premium products (fees apply). This connectors supports the free account information and all premium products of Nordigen.

After you created your account and got your API Key and Secret from the Account Dashboard your next steps are as follows

Add dependencies

Add dependencies to the Nordigen_Connect_IS module


Use the Nordigen_Authenticate Server action to retrieve an access token.

Create a requisition (and optional agreement)

A requisition is basically an authorization link between your financial institute, your accounts there and your Nordigen account. Use the Nordigen_CreateRequisition server action. Provide a Redirect Url. That is the page your are redirected to, after you have logged in to your bank account.

Set an InstitutionId. You can get a list for all instiutions of a country using the Nordigen_GetInstitutions server action.

Optionally you can specify an Agreement - or better an agreement id you have created before using the Nordigen_CreateAgreement. An agreement specifies which parts of your account can be accessed (scope) and for how long in the past transaction data is returned.

The Nordigen_CreateRequisition server action returns a Link. You have to redirect the user to that link to authorize with your financial institute.

Querying data

After you have successfully linked you bank accounts you can use the Nordigen_GetAccount<details> actions to query your bank account data.

Note: The demo application is running client side only. It is strongly advised to build your solution server side and using a sync pattern where approbiate !