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Client Validators

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Client Validators


The Client Validators Forge Component will be regularly updated with new utilities and functions, following the suggestions and requests I receive from numerous friends and from the Outsystems Community members, so come back from time to time and check what's new.

The set of utilities and functions available are grouped according to their purpose, in the following sections:

  • World - A set of validation utilities and functions related to World information
    • IBAN
      • This function validates an IBAN for an adopting country. Use all the digits of the IBAN, without spaces or separators.
      • For more information:
    • Passport
  • Portugal - A set of validation utilities and functions related to Portugal information
    • Citizen Card
      • This function validates a Citizen Card Number for Portugal. Use the complete 12 digits of the Citizen Card Number, without spaces or separators.
    • Identity Card
      • This function validates an Identity Card Number for Portugal. Use the complete 9 digits of the Identity Card Number, (8 for the number, with zeros as left filler, and the check-digit to the right of the number).
    • NIB
      • This function validates a NIB for Portugal. Use the complete 21 digits of the NIB, without spaces or separators.
    • Social Security
      • This function validates a Social Security Number for Portugal.
    • Tax Identification Number
      • This function validates a Tax Identification Number for Portugal.

The Demo allows you to view detailed information about each widget, how to use it and a brief preview / demo of it.