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Google Document Generator

Stable version 1.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Google Document Generator


Google Document Generator 


This component will you to generalise the documents and presentation templates. User can create their own templates on Google Drive and download the document as per your requirements. We are providing the below screens for creating and managing the templates. No need for to developers cosmetic changes in templates, the business or operations team or users can manage his side.

Template Master

The business user can create their own templates using this screen.

  1. Create/Modify Template - Create or modify templates.  
  2. Template Details - Business users can define and manage the template.
  3. Parameter Details - The user can define his own parameters as per requirement but we need to assign them to your application.
  4. Document Configuration - This will help you manage the directory of the templates. 


This will generate the document in PDF (by default user can change the mime type). This action will help replace the text and images user configured parameter.

Input Parameters:

  1. RequestId- Unique request ID for tracking the data 
  2. PartyId - Whatever data will be provided for internal use to generate uniqueness. Now, we are not using this but this is future planning.
  3. TemplateName  - Template Name for finding the Templates details 
  4. ReplaceParameterRequest - Parameter List to replace the text or image values with parameters as per user requirements
  5. DocumentType - DOCUMENT or PRESENTATION

Output Parameters :

  1. File - Binary file 
  2. EmbdedLink - You can browse in Browser
  3. MimeType - Export files in your format, Default is application/pdf
  4. Response - Error code and Message
  5. Result - Success or fail