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Monaco Editor

Stable version 0.40.01 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Monaco Editor




Create issues in this repository for anything related to the Monaco Editor. Please search for existing issues to avoid duplicates.


What is the relationship between VS Code and the Monaco Editor?

The Monaco Editor is generated straight from VS Code's sources with some shims around services the code needs to make it run in a web browser outside of its home.

❓ What is the relationship between VS Code's version and the Monaco Editor's version?

None. The Monaco Editor is a library and it reflects directly the source code.

❓ I've written an extension for VS Code, will it work on the Monaco Editor in a browser?


Note: If the extension is fully based on the LSP and if the language server is authored in JavaScript, then it would be possible.

❓ Why all these web workers and why should I care?

Language services create web workers to compute heavy stuff outside of the UI thread. They cost hardly anything in terms of resource overhead and you shouldn't worry too much about them, as long as you get them to work (see above the cross-domain case).

❓ What is this loader.js? Can I use require.js?

It is an AMD loader that we use in VS Code. Yes.

❓ I see the warning "Could not create web worker". What should I do?

HTML5 does not allow pages loaded on file:// to create web workers. Please load the editor with a web server on http:// or https:// schemes.

❓ Is the editor supported in mobile browsers or mobile web app frameworks?


❓ Why doesn't the editor support TextMate grammars?