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Session Expiration Warning

Stable version 3.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Session Expiration Warning


This component displays a warning message that allows the user to know that either:

1. Session is about to expire so he can refresh it avoigin being logged out; or
2. Session has already expired so he can go to the login page

It is based on a webblock with 3 input parameters:

- TimeoutInSeconds (Integer): The session timeout (in seconds) configured on your environment
- ShowWarningBeforeExpireInSeconds (Integer): The amount of time (in seconds) you want the warning message to be displayed ahead of the session expiration
- AutomaticWarnning (Boolean): Flag that indicates whether the warning message will be displayed regardless of user's interaction or not. If it's set to True, the warning message will be displayed after the TimeoutInSeconds has been exceeded. If False, it will only be displayed after the user interacts with the page, by either clicking on it or focusing in/out from a field

How to keep the parameters?

I recommend to store both parameters in Site Properties

Where to use it?

To be used in the entire application, add it to the Footer or the Layout of your application.