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Stable version 6.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
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The tool for analyzing and confirming the technical soundness and quality of the OutSystems applications architecture is called discovery. 

Divide and conquer is the foundation of the OutSystems reference architecture framework (also referred to as "Architecture Canvas"). It’s a layered based architecture, meaning elements are organized into layers. In order to avoid combining elements with different natures in the same layer, each layer adheres to the single responsibility pattern.

Although communication between elements in different layers is possible, there are rules that must be followed to prevent unwanted (upper communication problem) or verbose/incorrect communication (circular references problem).

You can use Discovery to comprehend our entire application architecture and how closely it adheres to the aforementioned rules from various angles or lenses (such as application-based, module-based, and domain-based).

Manually inspecting your architecture is possible, but it will undoubtedly be difficult, particularly if you are working on a challenging project. In addition to taking a long time, a manual validation can result in omitting errors and violations that could have a bad effect on your architecture. 

Using tools to inspect your modules and apps will speed up, increase safety, and improve efficiency.

Additionally, Discovery offers an API that enables you to automate these inspections and incorporate them into your CD/CD pipelines to have better control over the caliber of promoted applications. Teams can request snapshots from this authenticated REST API while also obtaining architectural quality metrics and analytics.

https://<environment url>/Discovery_API/rest/Utility/

https://<environment url>/Discovery_API/rest/ArchQuality/

https://<environment url>/Discovery_API/rest/Stats/

Note: Discovery API Postman Test are available. These files are located in the resources/postman folder of the Discover_API module.